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Serenity 4212 is a joint venture between two well-established Brisbane based development companies, Keylin and Kinstone Group. Their combined portfolio of $250 million in South-East Queensland makes them key players in the region’s property development industry.

Both developers are dedicated to delivering projects that compliment the natural landscape and make the most of Queensland’s sub-tropical climate. They only work with the very best local consultants on their mission to create sustainable communities that residents are proud to call home.

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At Kinstone Group, we approach every development as an opportunity to create better places to work, live, and interact – to build communities that add lasting value to the local landscape. With over 60 years of combined experience, we select our locations and design our sites with a people-first approach — driving the development of properties that provide exceptional accessibility and amenities while enhancing the local environment.

By managing the entire development process, we deliver better value, higher quality, and a more personalised service to our clients.

An award-winning team, our 4.5-star development project, the Novotel South Brisbane, won Australia’s Best Tourism & Leisure Development at the 2020 Innovation and Excellence Awards. We strive to deliver world-class results on all our projects. Our end-to-end delivery model allows us to have complete control over the quality of the design – and greater flexibility to respond to market requirements. The result? Projects that we and our customers are incredibly proud to be a part of.

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At Keylin, we build beautiful places in iconic locations tastefully designed to enhance your living and enrich your life. Our collaborative approach – based on the three pillars of Performance, Honesty and Integrity – drives the team and contractors to build outstanding lifestyle properties intended to enhance the way you live. Across the development scope, we demand quality in everything we do for the benefit of you, the buyer; prime locations, premium homes, connected communities and a truly supportive buying journey.

Our team is personally invested in the locations we develop and the lives we enhance. Every community we build stems from our vision to seamlessly integrate the natural environment into the homes and neighbourhoods we design. Preserving a “window to nature” is an ethos our team and partners live by under a collaborative philosophy that motivates all of us to strive so homeowners thrive.

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